Lightning Time Savers is an engineering and consulting firm with 33 years experience implementing method improvements and installing hardware to reduce changeover time on 25 to 2000-ton presses and mold machines to under 10 minutes.

With no additional investment, the simple concepts of pre-staging, team setups, and ownership enabled us to achieve an 80% reduction in setup in setup time within 2 weeks. Our output has increased by over 40%. The guidance and recommendations provided by Gary Zunker proved to be right on target.
— Sean McDermott, Operations Manager, Schlage Lock Company

We have the knowledge and know-how to formulate a Quick Die Change program tailored to your specific needs;  together we will find solutions to these problems:

  • How to Get Started
  • How to Justify Your System
  • How to Develop your Overall Plan
  • How to Utilize the Team Approach
  • How to Increase Efficiency Throughout Your Plant
  • How to Ready Die Before and After Die Change

There are many ways to achieve job-change reduction, we suggest the following:

Quick Die Change Blitz Program (2-3 day in plant program);

  • Basic Quick Die Change Philosophy
  • Using Out-of-press Setups to Reduce Changeover
  • No Capital Investment
  • 50% Changeover Reduction on One Press in 3 Days, Guaranteed

Feasibility Studies:

  • Develop a Plan of Action - Highlight Costs vs Job-Change Time Savings
  • Provide a Detailed Project Schedule
  • Identify Time, Money, and Manpower Required
  • Identify Costs for Die and Press Modifications
  • Identify Hardware and Method Changes Required


  • Specific On-Site Training Sessions for Both Management and Hourly Personnel

After Your Program Has Been Chosen, We Offer:

Implementation: Lightning Time Savers will provide the knowledge to successfully implement your quick die change program. Here are our two most popular option:

  • Total Turnkey Engineering:  Lightning Time Savers is responsible for the purchase, installation, and start-up. We will provide drawings for machinery and die modifications, engineering coordination from start to finish
  • Function As A Project Manager:  Provide technical assistance and project coordination from start to finsih. The customer has the option to purchase and install the equipment.


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